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Spencer Chaplin is a musician, singer and songwriter. With influences ranging from Creedence Clearwater Revival and Stevie Ray Vaughan to Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones, his style mixes folk and blues.

Born and raised in Vevey, Switzerland, Spencer started making music at the age 12. With the legendary silent film star Charlie Chaplin for a grandfather, Spencer was surrounded by music creativity and entertainment from a very early age. His father, a prominent sound engineer in the 1970’s Montreux music scene, would introduce him to his most treasured albums as they sat around the kitchen table, many of which remain Spencer’s core influences today.


Spencer has been performing over 250 shows a year in countries such as England, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, Brazil, and America. Delighting audiences with his captivating high-energy performances, Spencer effortlessly blends a feel good vibe with a raw laid-bare singer/songwriter emotion.

In 2020 Spencer created a podcast called "Chaplin Talks" in which he speaks to a wide variety of guests about how Charlie Chaplin has influenced their careers.

Spencer's debut single "I Need You" is out now and available on all streaming platforms.

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